The OC Touchdown Club holds a number of fundraisers throughout the year. In order to meet our financial goals and provide the team with the best equipment possible, all players and their families must participate. It costs $1200 to outfit a player and put them on the field each year. Therefore, a fundraising goal is set of $850 for each player. Each fundraiser will provide opportunities for players to meet their $850 investment goal. Volunteer hours are also considered part of your investment in Warrior Football and the Oconee Touchdown Club. 


Mulch Madness           
Players and their families will sell Cypress Bark mulch and Pine Straw through March 11 for delivery on March 23.

Warrior Football will hold the annual Lift-a-Thon in May. Each player will mail a minimum of 10 letters (addressed to family and friends) asking them to donate to the OC Touchdown Club. This is a great way for out-of-town family and friends to support Warrior Football.

Warrior Cards           
The Warrior Card is a discount card, featuring 43 local businesses and restaurants. The card is good for one year, and can be used each time you visit a business or restaurant. The discounts easily cover the $20 cost of the card. 

Warrior Cards will be issued during July practice. This year players will pre-sell for 1 week, with each player expected to sell at least 20 cards. Following the designated time period for selling cards, Coach Noland and his staff will lead a one day "blitz" for all players to sell Warrior cards. The revenue from card sales will fund new helmets and shoulder pads and  help cover travel costs for the team. If you know a business or restaurant that would like to be on the card, please e-mail

Spirit Items            

In July-August, we will begin the sale of t-shirts and other spirit items (stadium seats, yard signs, etc.), and we are setting up and online store for OC spirit wear clothing and caps.